FREE pick-up and drop-off No extra charges or hidden costs All cars are new and have mandatory insurance (RCA), vignette and full CASCO Unlimited mileage for every car Phone assistance with call-center service Free pick-up and drop-off for cars rented at Inchirieri Auto Bucuresti, for Baneasa and Otopeni International Airports Possibility of renting a GPS or a laptop Our offer includes over 200 new vehicles, without special markings or branding

Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions


Bucharest car rental offers car rent services, with a fleet of over 200 new cars, from 16 brands from every size classes, in the following terms and conditions:

Driver's age

For renting a car, the driver must be at least 21 years old before the date of booking from rent a car Bucharest. Verification of age will be mandatory, by either passport or by ID.

Driver's licence

The driver must have at least 1 year on his driver's licence. The cars rented by Automotive, Bucharest car rental branch, can not be rented by beginners.

Type of driver's licence

When renting a car, we accept every driver with a driver's licence valid for use in Romania (european driver's licences)

Use of rented car

The responsibility for breaking the driving laws goes exclusively to the driver that broke with or without good knowledge the respective law; also, the driver will pay for the fines and/or penalty points accordingly. Automotive does not hold itself accountable for any and all accidents that are a result of the driver, with the rented cars. Exiting the country with the cars from Automotive Bucharest car rental can be made only after the written agreement from our company.

Phone support

With every car rented from Automotive Bucharest car rental, you get non-stop phone support. As our client, you can always phone our call-center at +40730 111 006 to get support.

Car pick-up and drop-off

For cars rented through our service, you get free pick-up and drop-off within the city of Bucharest. The drop-off and / or the drop-off of the rental car can also be made at any of the Automotive branches located throughout the country, with no extra charges. To see the locations and contact information for Automotive branches in Romania, please consult the contact page.